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Design Tips for Upgrading Your Sunroom
Your sunny lounging space still needs something, whether it's a touch of personality, a bright shot of color or revamped flooring. Up for the challenge of upgrading your sunroom? Get inspired with these tips and tricks!

Tips For Negotiating With Sellers
If you dread the negotiating process when buying a home, never fear. Your agent must know your desires by heart and have quick access to you if a negotiation point needs to be made. It's important to stick to the strategy you and your agent have agreed upon -- showing the seller how strong your offer is.

Keller Williams debuts AI virtual assistant and referral platform
Real estate franchisor Keller Williams debuted an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant and referrals platform today, announcing to the world it has every intention of thriving in a changing industry ...

Agent Connect NY 18: Real estate apps every agent needs
In addition to knowing real estate, self-proclaimed marketing nerd and national speaker for Kristi Kennelly knows a thing or two about capturing an audience — she was a Broadway performer in a previous career, after all ...

Starter homes gaining equity faster than luxury sector: Zillow
Owners of starter homes are gaining more equity than owners of luxury homes thanks to the intense demand for affordable properties, says a new Zillow report ...

Tampa Realtor indicted for foreclosure, bankruptcy fraud
A Tampa Realtor who allegedly tried to stop Fannie Mae from foreclosing on a property so that he could sell it himself has been charged with bankruptcy fraud and falsification of records in a bankruptcy proceeding ...

Buckle up for a sustained rise in interest rates: analysis
The question now is when will the 10-year break through 3.00% going higher, putting that number “five” back into the mortgage vocabulary for the first sustained time since the Great Recession. Market consensus (of course, often wrong): “when,” not whether ...

Agent Connect NY 18: Live problem solving
One of the many beneficial sessions at Inman Connect New York is “Agent live problem solving” at Agent Connect, where pro agents discuss audience queries and work through issues live onstage ...

Agent Connect NY 18: Zillow and lead conversion strategies
Lead conversion is critical to any sales-based business. That's why Zillow and execs shared tips for agents wanting to increase conversion ...

Inside Trump’s historic $95M mansion deal, 10 years later
In interviews with Florida real estate professionals, including at least one involved in the 2008 sale, agents characterized Trump’s blockbuster deal as simply par for the course in the years leading up to the financial collapse, when appreciation rates climbed at a historic clip and the housing market in Palm Beach and elsewhere in South Florida was like the Wild West ...

Competition over SoCal market share heats up, eXp lands talent
After a number of acquisitive brokerages have been circling San Diego in recent months, some key activity exploded this week. Broker-owner Kyle Whissel, whose independent firm Whissel Realty is the most productive brokerage in San Diego County according to Real Trends; and Dan Beer, leader of Keller Williams' no. 1 team in Southern California by gross commission income, have both joined virtual brokerage eXp Realty ...

Agent Connect NY 18: Day in the life of a hustling Realtor — ‘The Carpool Chronicles’
A Realtor shares how she's harnessed the power of social media and human connection to create a loyal following for her down-to-earth, unintentionally comical video series, "The Carpool Chronicles." ...